Bare It All - Let's Talk Women's Health - Sexual Health Edition

Sex. Sexual Health. Sex Education. It's definitely not something that is talked about enough. So, join us in this event, where we discuss STIs with Dr Rosvinder and explore sexuality and intimacy with Jasmine King.

In this 3rd session of Bare It All: Let's Talk Women's Health, ✨Sexual Health✨ is the main topic of conversation.

✨✨✨ What to expect ✨✨✨
👨‍⚕️Sexual health talk from a doctor
💃Sex and intimacy talk from sex educator
💬Small-group discussions using conversation prompts

✨✨✨ Agenda ✨✨✨
7.00-7.30pm: Registration
7.30-7.40pm: Brief Intro on Lilith
7.40-8.10pm: Talk #1: Overcoming the Stigma by Dr Rosvinder
8.10-8.40pm: Talk #2: Exploring Women's Bodies and Pleasures by Jasmine King
8.40-8.45pm: Break
8.45-9.15pm: Group Conversations
9.15-9.30pm: Networking and Closing

✨✨✨Overcoming the Stigma by Dr Rosvinder ✨✨✨
Dr Rosvinder works at The Red Clinic, and his medical interests and focus lie mainly in occupational health, sexual health, as well as treating fringe groups such as the transgender community.
The stigmas surrounding sex and sexual health can be harmful, and the more we know, the better. In this session, Dr Rosvinder will be sharing about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), since STIs that go untreated can lead to a variety of possible consequences, including infertility and potentially infecting a partner.

✨✨✨Exploring Women's Bodies and Pleasures by Jasmine King ✨✨✨
Jasmine breaks down barriers that stop people communicating openly and honestly about sex. Through her Instagram and Facebook page called Ohheymissking she encourages frank and open discussion on topics such as sexual health, self-love, body positivity and relationships. She is also a trainer with SPOT (@hellospotgirl) which delivers comprehensive sexual education (CSE) to primary school students. #Breakthetaboo with her on @ohheymissking today!
Who says a woman's pleasure is complicated, it's not! In fact, did you know that a woman's main pleasure spot has 8,000 nerve endings, twice the nerve endings than that of a man's! That means that a man's most powerful orgasm is only half the power of a woman's orgasm! How amazing is that? So ladies, get ready to put your sexy on as we explore the different types of erogenous zones, the powerful clitoris, orgasm phases, all about squirting (can we actually do it?!) and many more!
Thu Dec 5, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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M-2-8 Plaza Damas, 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Bare It All - Let's Talk Women's Health by Lilith